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Our Services

  • We offer software, hardware and networking solutions to enterprises that require different, more fluid and faster models in their IT workspaces.
  • We automate organisations from paper-based to data driven institutions working on seamless distributed environments.
  • We integrate n-tier applications in standard and complex business environments providing thoroughness and efficiency in their business logic.
  • Logical Crest delivers professional custom software development, support and maintenance services to individuals, industries, non-governmental organizations and governments.
We build applications for the web and transform these applications, when needed, into tools that can be used on mobile and other devices. Logical Crest works consistently with your project management team or product development team in the gathering of requirements, control of the entire development process, delivery of the product and eventually in the project reporting.
We support your IT enterprise infrastructure and work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that their business strategic goals are achieved. Logical Crest provides software and services that gives companies a competitive edge. Logical Crest has competencies that guarantee complex multi-platform systems development solutions.
We design, develop and integrate leading industrial solutions in education, media, marketing, procurement, health care, manufacturing, telecommunication, engineering, finance and property management. Logical Crest combines Rational Unified Process Methodology and Agile software and web development in everyday practice. This ensures that best modern practices in system development are applied and enables short development cycles. Logical Crest helps enterprises streamline, standardize and manage business processes by automating critical business operations.
Our solutions have a high ease of use, simple to understand, and are visually appealing despite the fact that they are built on complex principles and technologies. Our technological skills and expertise allows us to develop software rapidly, accurately and recursively. Logical Crest has extensive experience in software architecture design, software and web development, integration, technical support and maintenance, as well as mobile solutions development.
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Our Clients

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