si-logo-256 – welcome to Stop Ivory’s new home

“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” – Sir David Attenborough

When the mighty African elephant gets his chance to offer a vote of thanks to his friends, among those to get a jumbo nod will be Stop Ivory, an organization with a simple and clear vision for the world’s largest land animal: “A sustainable future for African elephants, in a world without the ivory trade”

Stop Ivory works with conservation NGOs, IGOs, the private sector and governments to ensure that our grandchildren get to enjoy the sight of the elephant roaming the wild lands of Africa.

And so Stop Ivory has taken a small step for the African elephant and a giant leap against poaching with the launch of a new website at a predictable address:

The website will offer a regular snapshot of what is happening in the fight against poaching. It will consolidate free, downloadable resources that will be used to raise public awareness. Visitors will be able to make donations, however small, to benefit partners on the frontline against poaching.

Not all is doom and gloom in the world of the elephant. The gallery will host high resolution photos of the African elephant and those who work to tirelessly save it.

The site is a collaboration between Stop Ivory and Logical Crest Limited. Logical Crest is a boutique organization providing tailored IT solutions to NGOs, SMEs and the private sector, and is reachable on or via their website