why do bad websites happen to good people?

“There’s an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes” – Forest Gump

Many businesses have gone forth and filled the earth with many unusable websites – cluttered pages, links that do not open, graphics that take forever to load, text that is too small to read without zooming, you name it.

Which is peculiar given websites are created to convert visitors into buyers, by making it easy to find what they want.

Why so many appalling websites on display?

1. Money over substance

The first (and often) only question business owners ask when deciding whether to engage a website developer is: “How much will you charge me to develop a website?” Many go on to get their money’s worth. This is the wrong-side-up approach.

The solution:

Have a business discussion on where the business is heading, who is the target market, who are the competitors, how will a website help the business to achieve its objectives, who is the audience? Having this discussion will help the business identify a suitable partner to develop their website.

2. I know a relative…

This is a classic retort thrown the way of a developer who does not ‘properly’ answer the default, initial question – “How much will you charge to develop a website?” While a relative might be willing to help they will rarely turn in the kind of work you expect to draw many happy customers to your business precisely because many entrepreneurs expect relatives to give away their time and talent for free.

The solution:

Don’t be cheap, get a proper developer and hand them a contract, if they don’t perform you can always fire them.

3. Undefined scope of work

Most website projects fail before the developer writes a single line of code. When a developer is handed a blank canvas and expected to work their magic without a clear project scope, the result is another terrible website.

The solution:

The owner and developer must have a clearly defined scope of work, whose implementation is frequently reviewed.

4. Lack of timely updates and maintenance

Some bad websites started life as great websites but gradually fell by the wayside as they were not updated when necessary.

The solution:

Updating a website ensures that all the information is still accurate and useful to the intended audience. New technology is incorporated to afford visitors optimal experience e.g. you are able to find what you want whether you visit using a desktop PC, tablet computer or mobile phone.

Today a website is frequently the initial point of contact with a potential customer. Like the song says, first impressions matter. So keep em coming back!

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