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website or mobile app first?

Your brand new business has opened its doors and is looking to announce its presence to the world:

The big (BIG?) question. Build a website or an app first?

This is a question we come across frequently, here are some thoughts on how to approach this problem.

1. Who is your audience and where do they ‘hangout’?

This is the single most important question to answer. And the answer is you should be where your potential clients are.

Example 1:  You are in the transportation business operating a large fleet of cabs. Your customer is anyone with a mobile phone who needs to move from point A to B. They require the information on availability of a ride now. A mobile app is perfect here to enable customers to hail a cab from their phone, wherever they are.

Example 2: You are a real estate developer and seller targeting office workers and other business people. Your potential clients will most likely start with a Google search and slowly comb through various websites as they compare options. A website would serve well in this instance. Through email subscriptions your potential customers can receive periodic updates of what is new in the market. This is a slow moving product that can wait for buyers to get behind a desktop computer.

2. What is your product?

In some instances your product will dictate whether you start with a website or a mobile app. For instance, if you will be offering location based services, a mobile app will be best suited since it will be easy to provide location information instantly.

3. Do you design your own or use established websites and apps that have wider reach?

Increasingly this option makes more sense for businesses. For instance a retailer listing products in existing e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Olx and Jumia. Besides having a wider reach, up-time and mobile friendliness come standard.

This is the same for the many millions of small business owners who list their wares on social media sites and apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

In conclusion, if you know your customer the above guideline will give you a good starting point.

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