meet CeRaMix – Customer Relationship Management app

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

As a small-business owner, what keeps you up at night?

  1. Cash flow – The difference between staying afloat or going bust
  2. Superman minus the cape – Working on a budget means you must assume many different personas – janitor, drumbeater, product architect, finance officer, you name it.
  3. Growing revenue – You spend many of your waking hours trying to figure out how to move the needle on sales.

It makes business sense to have companions in this journey, helping to free your time to concentrate on retaining existing customers while shaking hands to new business. The answer is Technology! You have Facebook and other social media platforms to advertise. Skype and email connecting you to far-flung suppliers and customers and then there is CeRaMix taking care of your day-to-day business management needs.

Meet CeRaMix

As a small-business owner you want to be in control of the sales process as well as customer management. From turning leads into accounts, creating and sending quotes, invoices and receipts, to tracking client issues/tickets and accessing business intelligence reports. CeRaMix will help you to do all this, right from your mobile phone.

Your typical business day involves meeting with potential clients or leads. This is often followed by requests to send a quote. With CeRaMix you need just use your phone to generate and send the quote. Later when the sale goes through you will generate and send an invoice against this quote. Finally on that happy day that the payment cheque comes through, login and generate a receipt before heading out to celebrate.

Business reporting

How can you tell which invoices have been paid and which are pending? The CeRaMix reports module is there to give insight into what is happening with your business. You have access to a wide range of custom reports that help shape decisions.

Does this make me look fat?

No! Of course not. As you expand CeRaMix will grow with you and continue to do your heavy lifting without breaking a sweat. When you grow from a one-person operation and onboard new employees you will be able assign them different roles so that Judy in sales can generate and send quotes while Frank the accountant can handle invoicing and follow-ups.

A la carte

Your business is unique and from time to time you might venture away from the standard helping, opting instead for a tailor-made solution to suit your requirements. Done and done.

With CeRaMix in your pocket, go forth and boldly pursue what you love, we shall take care of the technology. We truly hope you can sleep better at night!

For enquiries feel free to send us an email to services@logicalcrest.co.ke, we would also love to read your comments below. And do to tell a friend!