LogicalHRM for NGOs – your benefits

“I feel the need, the need for speed” – Maverick [Top Gun]

Do you work for a non-profit organization? You will agree with us that working for an NGO today feels more and more like working for a start-up. Unlike a few years ago, your NGO is a leaner project-delivery machine with ever-fewer colleagues and strict timelines. How about the tight funding? You have learnt to become a jack of quite a few trades within the organization since there isn’t enough to employ more.

Thanks to technology and systems, you continue to do a superb job delivering great projects and working with colleagues and partners spread across different locations, possibly even in different countries. Your customers are happy! You are happy! :)

Among the systems that are making your life great is LogicalHRM for NGOs, a human resource management system for NGOs. In brief LogicalHRM is helping NGOs like yours to maintain their employee database, manage leave days, process payroll and send payslips among other tasks. Staff have their own self-service module to carry out simple tasks like leave application and viewing and downloading their payslips, among others.

Following are some of the benefits NGOs are reaping from using LogicalHRM_4_NGOs

1. Flexibility
The premise is simple, if you can define it, it can be automated. Payroll and HR officers have been able to add all their organization’s parameters for automation.

NGOs want their staff to work from anywhere – office, home, airport, restaurant…The ability to access LogicalHRM from anywhere, anytime has ensured that staff have been able to get service with a modest Internet connection, anywhere, anytime, just as they would their Facebook and Gmail page.

2. Speed and accuracy

Are you using an excel sheet to track your personnel data? – Whose contract is expiring? Who is on leave? Has John finished paying off his loan? Say goodbye to this headache. It’s pretty much click and go from here on out!

Users are enjoying email notifications for anything that requires attention. Is Greg’s passport about to expire? Ding! Anne and Ben have applied for leave, ding!

There are a ton of reports that have helped to inform and to shape decisions.

3. Security

HR functions require the highest levels of privacy. Staff only get access to information they need access to. The logs tell a tale of who did what, when.

4. Support and updates

Support is there for you, if and when you need it. The system is continually improved to ensure you are ready to take off, anytime!

5. Freedom (to concentrate in other chores)

Efficiency of LogicalHRM through automation of HR repetitive chores for precision and time saving has given its users time to do the things they enjoy.

We would love to have a chat about your project! Reach us on (+254)704 21 91 81 or drop us an email at services@logicalcrest.co.ke