16 reasons why organizations are using LogicalHRM

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” – Natalie Babbitt

LogicalHRM is a human resource management platform that takes care of day-to-day HR management tasks, and a must-have for any small business and organization that cherishes freedom and peace of mind.

Here are 16 reasons why organizations are using LogicalHRM.

1. Easy to Use

LogicalHRM is user friendly and enjoyable to use without compromising on features. Most users have been able to use it without assistance after just 1 training session!

2. Payroll

LogicalHRM would be nothing if it did not have the best easy-to-use payroll module. The rationale behind it is simple, if it can be calculated, it can be automated. This is the promise of LogicalHRM.

2 currency convertors ensure your business can run a multi-currency payroll. You can have one group of employees getting paid in Kenya Shillings and a second in USD. Enter the exchange rate and sit back.

If an employee has benefits and deductions in different currency formats, they will be converted and unified into a single currency. For example have a basic salary and phone allowance in USD, per diem, loan repayment and other statutory deductions in Shillings. Simply choose if the final payout will be in USD or Shillings and watch LogicalHRM do its magic.

Payslips are generated and sent via email by the press of a button. Your employees can also access their payslips on their self-service profiles where they can print or save as PDF if they wish.

Benefits to your business

  1. Automation fosters speed and accuracy
  2. Your Payroll team now has time to attend to other chores
  3. Employees can access their own pay slips for any time period

3. Loan (and Salary Advance) Module

Employees will be able to apply for loans which will then come up for approval. The loans module keeps an eye on the loan repayments, automatically adding deductions to payroll every month. A loan schedule and reports give employees as well as management visualizations on all things loans.

Salary advance deductions, like loans, are also automatically added to payroll every month.

Benefits to your business

  1. Automating loan calculations ensures accuracy
  2. Loan reports give your employees a clear picture of the loan status
  3. Time savings for your payroll officers since loan and advance deductions are automatically added to payroll

4. Cloud Hosted – No Hardware, No Software Required

Fret not about purchase of a dedicated server, for LogicalHRM lives on the Cloud. Access is via your favorite web browser and a modest Internet connection. Other popular Cloud based solutions include Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia.

Benefits to your business

  1. Anywhere, Anytime Access: You can access LogicalHRM on Cloud wherever you are.
  2. Cost Savings: No initial hardware purchase costs or ongoing maintenance and backup costs.
  3. No IT Staff needed to support LogicalHRM on Cloud. Leave the technology to us.

5. Flexible Hosting

Some organization’s policies require all applications to be hosted on the company servers. LogicalHRM is equally at home running on all the popular desktop and server platforms.

All popular operating systems are supported: Linux, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 among others.

Because LogicalHRM is economical in utilizing system resources (memory, processor, hard disk) we recommend a desktop or laptop running Linux or Windows 7/ Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 for most if not all SMEs.

6. Employee Module

Out goes the old paper file, in comes the digital. Track employee related information including personal data and contacts, next of kin details, designation, workstation and compensation among others.

Benefits to your business

  1. Quickly retrieve information details using a powerful inbuilt search feature
  2. Generate reports that will give you visualization of employee history – compensation, benefits, promotion etc.
  3. Store information for as many employees as you have (past and present) without breaking a sweat

7. Inbuilt Document Management System

Attach and store important employee and business related documents such as National Identification Card, Curriculum Vitae, Passport and NSSF Membership card among others. You will receive automatic email notification when any of your documents are about to expire

Benefits to your business

  1. Employee and business related documents are stored and managed from one place
  2. Automatic email as well as alerts on your dashboard ensure you always receive timely reminders when any of the documents are about to expire
  3. Digital storage saves you space and money

8. Powerful In-built Search

Oh the pain of not being able to find information easily. Thankfully, you never have to experience this on LogicalHRM where search is incorporated into all modules that require you to retrieve information. Go in, search and find and get out in record time.

9. Employee Self-Service Page

This empowers employees to login and perform some light tasks for themselves.

Examples of these tasks include

  1. Generate and print payslips
  2. Save payslips in PDF
  3. Apply for leave
  4. Apply for loans
  5. Apply for salary advance

10. Leave

Employees can easily tell who is on leave and what their leave balance is before they proceed to apply for leave on their self-service page.

11. Lists and Reports

LogicalHRM lists give users a quick insight to information on the system. For example, Personnel List is your go-to list to view a listing of all employees.

LogicalHRM reports are modeled around the belief that an application is only as good as the quality of information that comes out of it. You have access to a wide range of custom reports that help shape decisions that grow your business.

12. Alerts and Email Notification

LogicalHRM lets you forget nothing. Receive alerts on your dashboard and via email about pending approvals, document expiries and who is on leave among others.

13. User Management Module

LogicalHRM users are assigned roles which ensure they only access what they are required to access and nothing more.

14. Audit Log and Security

Every action on LogicalHRM is logged on a log that cannot be cleared, including by the local administrator. Passwords must meet secure password standards.

15. Auto Backup

Every system worth its salt should provide backup. By default LogicalHRM on cloud is backed up twice a day

16. Customizable

Easily the most powerful feature of LogicalHRM is that it is customizable to fit your organization’s requirements like a glove.

Bring HR Sense to your organization or business today by taking advantage of the easy-to-use features on LogicalHRM. Give yourself time to pursue what you enjoy!

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